Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Review: Mainstreet Overeasy restaurant

Main Street Overeasy is a popular breakfast eatery in downtown Bozeman (on the north side of Main St.). The restaurant gets very busy after 7:45am, so your best bet is to get there when it opens at 7 am. Don't be surprised to see movers & shakers -- I saw MSU president Geoff Gamble there this morning.

I had eggs & sausage -- good, but not great. I want to go back and try the pancakes, though.

In coming days, I hope to review breakfast at the Western Cafe and at the Stockyard Cafe (is it still in operation?).


Wulfgar said...

I highly recommend the cinnamon rolls at the Western.

zhynn said...

Dude. You order eggs and sausage... how much room are you giving the place to shine? Main St. Overeasy isn't just the best breakfast in bozeman, it's some of the best *food* in bozeman. And I am crazy picky.

The service is nearly always excellent. But it's the food that really makes the place special. I would say that the highlights of the menu are:
1) the bread pudding
2) the filled french toast
3) the quesadilla

And if you catch it as a special, the carnitas huevos verde is sublime. Caveat: don't order the thomas jefferson scramble, it's disappointingly bland.

Go back there and try again, the western cafe has *nothing* on MSOE, they aren't even in the same league.

big mike said...

Thanks for the tips. I was discussing MSO with a fellow at work and we thought it had been over-hyped.

I'll try the carnitas huevos verde. (I lived one summer in South Texas, so that meal might bring back some memories).