Monday, April 09, 2007

Review: Boodles restaurant

Boodles is a fine dining establishment located in downtown Bozeman. I recommend their New York strip steak (~ $30). Next time I visit, I'll skip the apple dessert, though. Overall, I think it would be a good place to entertain a business client or a date (as long as your guest has good table manners ;-)


zhynn said...

As far as business-class restaurants go, this is the best one. Louie's/Jadra's is terrible in my opinion, and Ferraro's... well, don't get me started on Ferraro's.

Boodles, Plonk,and Cafe Internationale are the only places I would take a prospective client.

The atmosphere is pub-dinnerclub, and don't eat there too late or you will catch the bar crowd and the noise.

It is fairly typical fare, but cooked well. I would mark it a bit overpriced for what you get, to be completely honest, but it is within the realm of reason. And we don't have many options for this kind of dining in bozeman.

big mike said...

I was impressed by their strip steak, cause it's usually too marbled a steak for my tastes.

I spent about 30 minutes at the bar waiting for my party to arrive - I can believe that it gets noisy at night.

My Italian colleague at work has dis-recommended Ferraro's as well. I've never dined there.

Cafe Internationale is on my list of restaurants to visit. I've had wine at Plonk, but never any food.

JJ said...

Boodles is excellent. I've had several good meals at Looie's (correct spelling) and the ambience is nice as well -- especially for a date or biz client.

The Baxter Grill on Main street is also a nice place for dinner.

The Montana Aleworks is a fun place with decent food which we often recommended to our B&B guests.

Yeah -- forget about Ferraro's.

Cafe Internationale is OK. Food is quite good, but less nice setting than Boodles or Looie's.

RandiH said...

this restaurant is not here burned down