Monday, April 16, 2007

Horrific events at Virginia Tech

When I was an undergrad at Texas A&M, it was not uncommon for jerks to call in bomb threats to get out of an exam. When I was a grad student at Georgia Tech, we received a memo on how to avoid being a victim of the Unabomber. When I taught at the University of Arkansas, a fellow professor (in a different department) was killed by a former graduate student. I know a couple of engineering faculty at Virginia Tech - no word yet on whether they are among the dead.

I had a "business breakfast" this morning with a visitor from Virginia Tech. What a horrific day VT had.

Do you ever get the feeling that no place is safe?


ZenPanda said...

My heart goes out to all of the victims' families.

I do feel that almost nowhere is safe.

he who seeks knowledge said...

Contrary to popular belief (the media does like to scare people), most places are safe. People get shot up infrequently. We just hear a lot about it when it happens. tens of millions of people live their lives day to day, safely.

don't let your fear control you.

big mike said...

>don't let your fear control you


To me, this sort of incident makes life seem so random. I kinda believe that anyway, but the VT massacre, the Unabomber, and 9/11 all left me depressed ;-(