Sunday, April 15, 2007

Review: The Garage restaurant

The Garage is located on the corner of Church and Main in downtown Bozeman. The restaurant is located in a former automobile service facility, hence the name.

I had an excellent hamburger (with swiss cheese and a kaiser roll bun) on Saturday. In fact, I hereby award the Best Buns in Bozeman award to The Garage.

(As a bachelor, I eat out a lot, and like to think I know about great buns.)


zhynn said...

The garage is good, the burgers are good, but not the best in town, I don't think.

The service at the garage is inconsistent. Sometimes it is great, but I have had unreasonable wait times for service, especially in the summer.

Howerver: What you didn't mention is the excellent selection of soups, that's what makes the Garage (actually it's the attached "soup shack" that has the soups, but it may as well be the same place) really shine.

big mike said...


yeah - I'll try a soup next time I visit (the menu sez they have their own "soup nazi")

I got my burger cooked "medium well" rather than my usual "well done" - so that probably made it taste especially good. I'm pretty sensitive to bun quality - The Garage's bun was far better than any other I've had in Bozeman (and I eat out a lot ;-)