Sunday, April 08, 2007

Beer Fest report

My favorite was a wheat beer, of all things: Mandarin Orange Hefeweizen (Lang Creek Brewery). The brewery is located in Marion, Montana. (Any bloggers from Marion?)

I went alone, but recognized several folks. I would swear I saw Patia Stephens, except I was trying on some beer googles at the time. She had a posse, so I was unable to verify. A former student gave me a token for a free beer - can't complain about that! And, I recognized a fellow ski volunteer (which is actually an accomplishment because I had never see her except bundled up in ski gear).

There was a good honky tonk band: TenFoot Tall and 50 Proof. Made me feel like I was back in Texas.


Patia said...

Sorry, wasn't me. Although if it was, I would have kicked your ass for not coming up and introducing yourself. Posse or no.

Jason Duncan said...

Did you get a chance to check out the espresso porter? ..very nice! bold

big mike said...

Patia - if it had been in Missoula I would have believed my lyin' eyes - really.

Jason - I missed the espresso porter - which brewery? I go more for pilseners and lagers than for the heavy beers.

Jason Duncan said...

..if I remember correctly - Montana Brewing Company.