Sunday, September 23, 2007

Review: Over the Tapas

"Over the Tapas" is a Spanish-style tapas restaurant co-located with the Sweet Pea Bakery at 19th S. Willson in downtown Bozeman.

If you like tapas, then I recommend trying this restaurant. My dinner companion and I had wrinkled potatoes, spicy chicken, crab cakes, and a cheese/fruit plate. Total cost (excluding tip): $30.

Note: the Sweet Pea Bakery has a blog with a clever name: Flourish (flourish as in "thrive" and flourish as in flour-ish).

Official website:

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Seth said...

Thanks for the link! Flourish is one of the best words ever. It also refers to embellishments, showy gestures, and our personal fave: "an extraneous, purely decorative stroke." Cheers! S&C