Sunday, September 16, 2007

Official Kilt Day: 9/16/07

I bought some clothes at the mall yesterday, but didn't see any kilts for sale. So, I was improperly dressed for Official Kilt Day.

(I saw a fellow dressed in a kilt on Friday night, during the Art Walk in downtown Bozeman. He had a genuine wool tartan kilt.)


Trish said...

I think you're warming up to the idea of a kilt ... maybe I can convince you to get one before the next Official Kilt Day.

Thebes said...

Ahhh, but you see, everyday is kilt day!

---Thebes of Kilt Blog

big mike said...

Kilt-inspired t-shirt slogan:
"Up with Kilts; Down with Pants"

ZenPanda said...

I would love to see a tall, bald man in a kilt in Montana. LOL ;)