Thursday, September 21, 2006


I've been working on my family tree - mainly as a way to get in touch with history. Here are the countries for which I've traced an ancestor:
* France - my most recent immigrant ancestor came over from Napoleon III's France
* England - the "Cole" line
* Scotland - inferred from my ancestor's name "Montgomery"
* America - distant Indian ancestry on my Mother's side and my Father's side. Probably Cherokee and ?

I'm pretty sure, but haven't verified, the following:
* Ireland
* Scots-Irish
* Netherlands

Imagine you had a time machine and travelled back to England/Scotland in the year 1100. Pick a random person. If that person has any descendants living in 2006, then he/she was (almost surely, like 99.9%) one of my ancestors.

Everyone reading this blog is a cousin if you go back far enough; and "far enough" is not really that far.

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Linda said...

We need to work on this when you're home over Christmas. Maybe we could take a trip the genealogy library if we have time.