Sunday, September 17, 2006


Heh. The following song was popular when I was in college - I was surprised to hear it at Mackenzies Pizza recently.

I remember these banana-related characters from watching too much TV in the 70's:


ZenPanda said...

But didn't you love the Banan Splits?

big mike said...

Yeah, but they were kinda scary too. Remember H.R. PufnStuf? Yikes!

ZenPanda said...

I found Puffnstuff on one of the cartoon channels recently.
It can't be anyworse than the clothes we wore back in the '70s....yikes.
I have a few photos I'll post. *shivers*

big mike said...

70s clothes -

My excuse is that I was less than 5 years old when the 70s began!