Friday, September 22, 2006

Don't stop Believin' ... aw heck go ahead and stop

So, I bought a coke at the MSU Sweet Shop today (I'm back to my awful 2 per day habit ;-(. They were playing on the radio... a song from my high school years:

I must've liked the song back the early 80's, since I still know the lyrics, but isn't it time to give it a rest?


david said...

NO! Mike, it may be 100% pure cheese, but it is such a...a..."cherished" piece of my youth that it can never die!

ZenPanda said...

*OMG* I have banned Journey from my house...along with AirSupply!
(Step is a huge fan of '80s rock & pop)

*Runs away sceraming* Make it stop!!!!!


big mike said...

Noooooooo ... I had completely erased Air Supply from my memory. Maybe I'll forget again soon.

I'm pretty sure I never owned one of their albums. I must admit to one time owning a Hall & Oates album, though...

ZenPanda said...

Oh, man- you are giving my nightmares!