Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bozeman blogs

[UPDATE 12/17: I corrected some blog titles, and found some additional blogs...]

I developed a simplistic scheme to classify Bozeman blogs.

Personal blogs present the blogger's daily life (most blogs are at least somewhat personal).

Adventure blogs detail the blogger's quest to achieve some goal (such as a college degree).

Place blogs cover a particular geographic location (in this case: Bozeman).

Politics blogs discuss politics.

Idea blogs present critical thought about various issues (broader than politics).

Humor blogs present jokes, wit, etc.

Expert blogs cover the blogger's particular area of expertise. They are typically non-personal and do not cover Montana topics.

Here are the blogs in pseudo-random order...

bozeman-mt (place, personal) - "A journal about life in Bozeman, Montana"

Geocaching in Bozeman, Montana (place, adventure)

Bozemania (expert) - about folks with the name Bozeman

Bouncer Blog (personal, place) - "Musings, drunkenness, and inane commentary by 2 bouncers from Bozeman's classiest dance club."

You all should know better (personal)

Rambling Thoughts (personal)

The Best of the Bozeman Chronicle Police Reports (place)

Life in Bozeman Montana (place, personal) (place, adventure)

Rose Colored Cynicism (politics, personal)

A thought over coffee (adventure, place)

Inside Out (place)

The vulgar ravings of a drunken, Irish Catwoman (personal)

The Monkey Cage (humor)

Gothy and the Least (humor)

Lemon Curry? (personal)

A chicken is not pillage (politics, personal)

Revolving Duck (personal, adventure, place)

Speedkill (ideas, adventure)

Easy and tasty recipes (expert)

logistica-design (expert) Logistics systems design

lexblog (expert) - "Building blogs for lawyers."

12/17 additions:

Jesse Newland (personal)

In the Mind of a Gangsta (personal)

Montana Ramblings and My Thoughts Here (personal)

Theresa (Steel Tears) (personal)

Bozeman's Beaten Path (adventure)

liftedlorax (personal)

this be my shiny page (personal)

jesse_james (personal)


Jesse said...

As of the 27th, my blog will be written from Bozeman as well. I'm happy to join the list!

big mike said...

Welcome to Bozeman, Jesse.

The weather here is much nicer than at your current home in Georgia! (I know 'cause I went to grad school in Atlanta.)

I'll add your blog to the list this weekend.

(I had no ideea there were so many Bozeman Blogs...)

Jesse said...

Thanks for the welcome, and the addition, but there's a typo in my link - it's

big mike said...

>typo in my link

I corrected it. (I should have just cut and pasted!)

Also, I added jesse_james to the list.

Joe said...

Not sure if this commentw ill be found, but I have had a Bozeman blog since last May.

It is called "The Dude Abides."

The URL is

I would say it is an adventure/personal...

Mark said...

Hi mike my name is Mark and I have a blog about sustainable design, I live and Bozeman and would like to get the word out about some of my ideas. blog address is

Anonymous said...

I write a little blog about food, and since I'm moving to Bozeman from DC next Monday, I suppose it's about to be a 'Bozeman Blog'!

There's some postings on there about places in Bozeman already, but I assume by the time I've settled into town, there'll be some more.

Watch out!