Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday kitchen blogging: Cornbread

When my Mother and sisters visited Bozeman last July 4th, they were shocked by the poor availability of quality cornbread mix in the local stores. So, my Mother sent me a big box of good mix from Texas.

Cornbread, pinto beans, and a glass of cold milk -- yummmmm!


cheryl said...

Cornbread season is nearly upon us!

After serving cornbread with a meal, I eat the leftover cornbread as dessert--put warm cornbread in a bowl, add plenty of milk, a bit of sugar. Mmmmm!

ZenPanda said...

The only way to eat "cornbread" is as a hushpuppy! (the hubby is from NC!)

big mike said...

My Mom and Dad would mix cornbread with a glass of milk as a dessert, too. Sometimes they used "sweet milk"; sometimes they used buttermilk (if I recall correctly).

They were both born & raised in Oklahoma, so it might be something peculiar to that part of the country?

LD said...

I don't remember Mom eating that -- just Daddy. Usually it was with "sweet" milk.