Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Meta: Flickr question

I recently populated my Flickr Contacts List and added it to the sidebar on the right. Basically, I added the Flickr photoblogs of folks who have commented on this blog, and also "poached" their Flickr contact lists for Montana-related sites.

A question for Flickr experts: how do I add the Big Sky ***Pool*** as a Contact ???


Patia said...


I don't think you can add a pool as a contact. You can join a pool, and you can link to it. But contacts are individuals.

big mike said...

Okay - that's what I thought.

I wanted to have all my flickr links on one page _within_ my flickr account, but it's no big deal.

Whenever I see a new person post on the the Big Sky Pool, I'll just add them to my contacts list as an individual.

Patia said...

OIC. Yeah, it would be nice if Flickr would improve the functionality of the home page.