Thursday, August 11, 2005

Townie Elk

NPR's All Things Considered had an interesting story about elk yesterday. The main part of the story was about the ecology of elks and wolves in Canada's Banff National Park. The story also mentioned the problem of "town elk" which destroy property and stomp people. I visited Banff several years ago and, sure enough, there were plenty of elk walking around town.

Montana angle: At the very end of the story, the reporter mentions "town elk" in Gardiner MT.

I've never heard of "town elk" visiting Bozeman, but we do get black bears...


ZenPanda said...

I visited the Gardiner area as a senior in HS. We stayed in Mamoth elementary school (which has since been removed and relocated.) I remember waking up and walking out the front doors and seeing dozens of elk.

Lincoln has a "town deer" -1 of which was shot by an airman from Malmstrom AFB a few years back.

Dillon has Moose and Mountain Lion who visit town regularly.

KarbonKountyMoos said...

We don't live in town - so I suppose that ours are farm elk.