Sunday, August 14, 2005

Streetscape - good or bad?

Shopping center addition
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This building was constructed in 2005 in the parking lot of the Hastings/Osco shopping center on west Main Street.

The building has both bad and good effects on the streetscape. Bad: it presents its back to Main Street. Good: the back is not ugly, and the building hides an ugly parking area.

I visit the shopping area quite frequently (my gym and PO box are there). I like that the new addition increases retail density within town, thus potentially reducing commercial sprawl.


Anonymous said...

my question is; will Verizon's new store allow them to wait on me without me having to stand there like a yutz for a half-an-hour?

big mike said...

Good question...

I'm still using the Motorola StarTac I got when I moved to Bozeman in 2002.

Lizabeth said...

There is SUPPOSED to be a Coldstone going in there, haven't seen it yet and I'm very anxious. Although Bridger Ridge and Moo Casa are pretty darn good.