Saturday, May 17, 2008

Techno-lust 3: env phone

I recently got an LG ENV phone. It has a keyboard that is just large enough for my big fingers.

Now I need to figure out what do with my old (circa 2005) Samsung phone.


buddhagurl said...

So what is your review of the LG ENV? It is on my list of possibilities.

big mike said...


* large keyboard. It is larger than the env2 keyboard
* camera seems nice
* call quality seems the same as my previous phone

* I need to recharge the battery every night
* front screen is very small
* too large to fit in pocket

ZenPanda said...

I ended up with the env2...first day with it & so far I feel really stupid. LOL I couldn't figure out the way to turn it down but i think I will get used to it. I'm not sure I like the main screen being so small.

(that was me who posted as buddagurl by accident)

Anonymous said...

It is on my list of possibilities.Thanks for sharing...
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