Thursday, October 18, 2007

Review: Fresco Cafe

I dined tonight at the Fresco Cafe, an Italian eatery located on N. 7th in Bozeman. The dinner was excellent. I had lasagne bolognese, and shared a brownie (fabulous) for dessert. Dinner and dessert for two (Trish and me) cost about $30.


Trish said...

I loved the Pesto Cavatappi with chicken and, Mike is right, the cream cheese brownie, warmed and topped with vanilla bean gelato, was absolutely heavenly. Being a native of Providence, Rhode Island, and having dined at some of the best Italian restaurants on Federal Hill, I give Fresco Cafe three thumbs up!!!

big mike said...

Some Google-searching on "federal hill": 1, 2

Joe said...

Bill and Susan, the proprietors, are super, super nice people, which makes the Fresco even better in my book.

Check it out for lunch sometime, too. The meatball panini and the gondolier are excellent sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

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