Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ski 16

Another good day at Bridger Bowl (would have been nicer if I had taken my long fet skis). I had a great crash at the end of Upper Thunder Road. "Great" because it was acrobatic, but I didn't get hurt.

My regular Eagle Mount client couldn't make it today, so I was "third wheel" on another volunteer crew. Note: it is easier to lift a teenage girl riding a mono-ski than a 30ish man riding the same equipment.

Update (the next morning) - I am stiff all over. Wish I had a live-in masseuse.


Trish said...

I'm thinking that a live-in masseuse who can also help you organize your books, papers & bills would be the way to go. ;-)

big mike said...

A fellow at work told me that he hadn't written a check in over five years. His wife handles all the household paperwork!

For books - I'm really culling down my library. Anymore, if I re-read a book and am not completely thrilled, it goes into the "donation bag."

Anonymous said...

His wife handles all the household paperwork!

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