Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here kitty, kitty

I saw lots of pretty cats at the Heart of the Valley animal shelter today.

I wonder what makes someone a cat-person or a dog-person? My oldest sister and I prefer cats, while my other two sisters & my mother prefer dogs.


ZenPanda said...

I grew up with a cat so I thought I was a cat person. Then Son#1 moved home with a dog & he is such a sweetie that I am wondering if I could be a dog person. LOL

I'm allergic to them all anyway so it won't matter in the end. I just sneeze & bear it.

mtliberty said...

Some interesting thoughts:

Patia said...

Are you getting a cat?

I tend to think cat people are more introverts, while dog people are more extroverts.

big mike said...

mtliberty: heh, thanks for the link - I think the reasonable thing is to not anthropomorphize pets (it's acceptable to anthropomorphize children, though ;-)

Patia: yea