Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Interesting test for Asperger's/autism

I recently went thru volunteer training for skiing with disabled (differently-abled) folks. One of the disabilities we covered was autism.

FWIW, Wired had an interesting self-exam: AQ Test. It's built a lot better than most internet quizzes. Like all such quizzes, though: not for self-diagnosis.


Patia said...

OH. I just figured out something about someone I know. Lightbulb moment.

ZenPanda said...

2 of my nephews have Asperger's- what a cool test.
Thanks for the link.

Walda said...

My son has Asperger's. I will try this test with him. Thanks for the link. W

big mike said...

I've read that kids with Asperger's are precocious talkers and very verbal. This cuts me out since I was a kinda "slow" speaker.

Anonymous said...

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