Friday, November 10, 2006

Reminder: blogger bash on Saturday!

Saturday, 11/11 at Mackenzie River Pizza Co on Main Street. I'll be there early (5:30 pm) to try and beat the rush (and drink some beer). About 10 folks have RSVPed, so should be fun.

If we haven't met -- if you see a blue-eyed fellow who looks like a blogger, that's me. Also - 6' 6" tall, shaved head.


Randy said...

Who have RSVPed?

ZenPanda said...

I wanted to be there but it is not possible this weekend.
*hugs* to all my blogger buddies & I hope I get to meet you soon.

big mike said...

randy - see here for some of the folks. Also, David (Great Falls) said he'd try to make it.

Kim and ZenPanda thought they could make it, but recently dropped out. Of course, we don't have to wait a whole year before having another bash.