Thursday, October 05, 2006

Religion Quiz

I recently took beliefnet's Belief-o-Matic "find out your religion" quiz. The results seem pretty accurate. FWIW, my "median religion" (13 religions/denominations were more in line with my quiz answers, 13 religions/denominations were less in line): Mormon.

Re my sister's comment: "Unitarian/Universalist" was also my highest score ;-) IIRC, "Islam" was the lowest, which is not surprising since my "religion motto" is non serviam.


Linda said...

I took the quiz and it came back Unitarian. Interesting in that we grew up in the same house with the same parents and sisters.

Patia said...

Hmmm ... I just took the test. Not sure how accurate my results are, as I could have selected multiple answers for many of the "choose one" questions.

Interesting, though.