Sunday, August 20, 2006

By the numbers

0 - pieces of bedroom furniture other than bed
1 - number of houseplants
1.5 - quarts of milk consumed per week (average)
3 - pieces of furniture accidentally broken this summer
20 - pairs of shoes & boots
38 - circumference in inches
232 - weight in pounds
500 - miles driven per month (average)


ZenPanda said...

Wow- you have a lot of shoes... LOL

big mike said...

>Wow- you have a lot of shoes... LOL

In my (limited) defense...

3 pair are hiking/fishing related
2 pair are strictly for yard work
2 pair are strictly for "serious" dress-up occasions

Also, I was shoe-deprived as a youngster due to my big feet ;-)

13 pairs still puts me ahead of at least one of my sisters, though.

ZenPanda said...

You have me beat (even without "exceptions") by about 12 pair! ;)

ZenPanda said...

wait- I checekd again...only 9 more sorry.